A Commonwealth, State, Territory, or local government body.

A Credential issued by the Australian Business Register (ABR).

The process of confirming a person's identity by validating their Credential.

Business User
A person who is accessing a government online service. The person will use their Credential to confirm their identity through the Government Authentication Service.

See Credential.

A Credential is a person's electronic proof of identity. Credentials are software that are used to prove a Business Users identity similar to the way passports and drivers licences are used.

Digital Credential
See Credential.

Government Authentication Service
A service used to check the identity of a Business User wishing to access government online services. The service validates the Business User's Credential.

Login attempt
Login attempts by a Business User to the Government Authentication Service.

The whole of government online service for citizens.

The party that has sourced the Credential to the Business User.

A Credential that is permanently cancelled by either the Credential Provider or holder because it is compromised (e.g. password is lost or stolen) or it is no longer required.

A lasting internet connection between a Business User and an Agency.

Time out
The loss of a lasting internet connection between a Business User and an Agency due to the inactivity of the Business User.